Monday, August 6, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Maui 2012 - I stare out to sea and my mind plays visual tricks on me so I wanted to relay that in this painting of Maui. To give the sense of visual movement throughout the composition I used pattern repetition much like the psychedelic posters I would see growing up. I wanted the sky to look like the sea when it meets land. It would be sunny on one beach and rainy and stormy on another beach on the same island.
The painting was scratched so all I could think to fix it was paint a giraffe being held up by burning balloons.
The nose ship fleet represents the loss of personal space and invasion of property and land.  As far as flying there goes, read on...

Airlines make billions in profits charging extra for cotton shirts while they weigh the plane down with heavy cargo? They expose us to unwanted harmful x-ray, they illegally body search, violate us looking through our bags, and take away all of our rights. Then there's the rude flight attendants that offer to walk us off the plane when we make mention of the poor customer service (United Air Fail). Already hating to fly, I painted a plane to look like a jail cell with cargo on top complete with a boulder. The least they can do for safety is deploy a balloon or parachute in case of an emergency.  I have to get drugged up like B.A. from the A-team so I can endure the flight.